Welcome to the E2E Portal SMART ACTIVITY
This portal is a response to the requirements expressed by many young people who would like to know the answers to some of the following questions:
  • How can I find out my strengths and weaknesses and decide on a suitable career path for myself?
  • How can I match my aspirations, knowledge and skills to ensure a stress free worklife?
  • What are the various options available with my chosen education path? What else do I need to do to pursue a specific career?
  • Whom should I consult when finding out about careers?
The portal is also for those who are looking for a pool of resources / information / knowledge and those who would like to contribute by being an active participant in our forum.
Young India -
By 2020 India will be the youngest nation with 116 million young people. The present market is providing new opportunities for which our young people will have to be prepared. Are you one of them?